Thursday, February 7, 2008


The Hens Men's Hoops team gets a win. After losing three straight and 5 of 6, the bleeding has stopped. At least for now. It's not going to be much fun when Eric Maynor and VCU pay us a visit on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully this dramatic W will give us some momentum in what will be definitely be a tough test against the Rams. I kept seeing the ESPN bottom line updating while I was watching Duke/UNC last night. Every update was bad. The last one I saw, they had pulled to within 5. I then went to the computer to see the final score and did not expect the little arrow to be next to the word "Delaware". A Herb Courtney 3-ball with 1.2 seconds left to win it! You gotta be kidding me and you gotta love it. One thing you cannot accuse this team of is having no heart. These kids DO NOT give up. Let's keep it going this weekend.

Here's a full recap from the official Hens site: UDel Hoops
Photo Credit: The News Journal/WILLIAM BRETZGER

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