Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hens vs. Terps

First off, it was great to see the Hens on national TV. This was a result of Hurricane Gustav forcing the LSU/App. St. tilt to start at 11AM. Great exposure for the program and they certainly put on a good show. They legitimately had a chance to win this game despite having newcomers in so many key positions. I've never been one to say that a loss is good, but this is one case where I will. It's obvious that we can hang with solid FBS teams, so why not make the move? Let's parlay this exposure and the plan for upgraded facilities into a brand new stadium and a leap to the FBS. OK, I've said my piece. Next up is West Chester on Sept. 13. And oh by the way. even with the loss to Maryland, the Hens moved up to #6 in the TSN poll.

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