Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VCU @ George Mason

Had a chance to watch a great game between the two best teams in the CAA last night on ESPN2. This was a rare treat for a New Yorker to enjoy a great CAA tilt. It might be tough for us to get two teams in the tourney this year but I think both of these teams are deserving of a bid. I also think both could easily knock off a team or two if given the opportunity to dance. But, and you knew there was a but with this being a Blue Hens site, there are several teams in this league that are capable of running the table in March in Richmond, and I'm happy to say that the Hens are definitely one of those teams. All it takes is getting hot at the right time.

Here's a recap of the game from VCU @ Mason Recap

One more quick note about this game. I was feeling some serious conference pride at seeing and hearing and feeling the atmosphere at the Patriot Center. The crowd was absolutely rocking. And I hope a bunch of people flipped back and forth between ESPN and ESPN2 during this game. ESPN had Ohio St. @ Penn St., and the atmosphere was tomblike at Penn St. Now I know Penn St. is not exactly known for hoops, but it's still a nationally televised Big Ten game. It felt great that the CAA atmosphere just blew away the Big Ten atmosphere.

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